Saturday, March 21, 2009

Paris France -Motorbikes

From Temp

In Europe there are all sorts of makes and models I have not seen or heard of prior to my visit.

So many motorbikes, most being very large scooters.

I noticed there were many 2 stroke bikes scooting about the metropolis. It surprised me to hear that they were not very loud. Folks out here ride on the sidewalk to find a spot to park their two wheeled ctitter...actually more like a pole to park next to-for locking the wheel.
I also noticed the cars all yield to the motorbikes, though I have been told that it is suicide to ride here in the City of Love--Iz Romantic, no?

Music: Coyotes by Jason Mraz, We Sing We Dance

This backpacking trip through Europe has been eye opening to say the least. I will return to the U.S. on April 7th. Shortly after arriving back in the states- actually that same week- I head by motorbike into the California Mojave for 3 days of dancing in the desert with close friends for Good Fryday.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

2009 Mods Arrive...Two Brothers Exhaust

First Shipment of (3)three:

  • Russel stainless steel brakeline, front and rear
  • Spair brake and clucth levers
  • Two Brothers Racing M7 Exhaust
  • CNC'd fork brace by....???

From 2009 Spring Mods

From 2009 Spring Mods

From 2009 Spring Mods

From 2009 Spring Mods

Studebaker?? I thought they sold Eagle Mike's fork brace...

All of these parts came from TPI Motorcycle Parts. Definitely an A+ vendor...however, they, like several other companies, have become distributors of Studebaker Products. Studebaker is known for their Asian copies of various original designs which are sometimes near identical replicas. TPI was one of the few vendors where one could purchase an Eagle Manufacturing fork brace, which I have been particularly interested in for a long time. It was finally put on order to compliment my soon to arrive upgraded forks from Cogent Dynamics, I was very surprised and disappointed to see that they were the Studebaker knock-offs, when they arrived.

I am torn.

I had assumed they sold genuine Eagle-Mike equipment and it was my own lack of attention to detail that has lead me to this place of dissatisfaction. TPI doesn't offer a refund and they really shouldn't have to since they made no indication which product they sell. But I still want the real-deal.

...I'll call them on Monday and verify if the brace will accommodate a Perilli MT21 front tire. If it does then I'll stick with it...if they do not, I may resort to begging.