Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2008 Sierra Project

From March to May in 2009 the KLR, myself, and a simple rack of alpine climbing hardware are off on an adventure that will take us into the depths of the Sierras in California.

The objective is to spend the entire winter climbing all of the California 14ers as well as a few other peaks and ridge traverses.

The KLR's job is to deliver me as far within the mountains as possible while still allowing an escape back into town. The plan then is to crosscountry ski pulling a sled of equipment to a proper point for a base camp. From there I will attempt the climbs, mostly solo as I have my well tested Soloist device (RockWren). A few of the climbs I will join up with some friend's who intend on a rendezvous.

The KLR, now in San Diego, will be gaining a few more upgrades and mods to better meet the project demands:

  1. Jesse Odyssey II Panniers
  2. Happytrail.com 58L top box
  3. Brakes: Stnl Stl lines, front and rear
  4. Centerstand
  5. T-Bob, radiator bypass
  6. RoxFX Vibration Damping Risers
  7. Heavier Duty Pelican case for laptop
  8. Windshield installed over fairing prototype

Here is an equipment wishlist as well:

  1. Heating: Gloves, Battery kit for vest (already owned), and Control Module
  2. Hanging kit for Jetboil (I already have a hanging stove, but the Jetboil is so much better).
  3. Shoei Hornet DS Helmet and PacSafe helmet bag
  4. Large storage voice recorder with easy/safe operation while riding

Best of MWD and my Early Return to Flagstaff

On Friday, the 5th of December, Saharjoon called me from Flagstaff and asked my early return. The next day at 5am I was getting up for a taxi ride to the San Diego airport. I was happy to return; Though I would not get to continue the trip as planned, I was more than willing to the rush back home.

With the KLR stored in a close friends garage back in SD, I am now gearing to get my Love successfully moved and off to Norway. A few days before Christmas I will make another flight, this time back to southern California where I will prep for my Sierra Project.

Check out the Trip Journal here.