Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SGTMarty makes it to Silverton, CO on time!

Like many KLR and adventure riders all over, I have been following the epic journey of one SGTMarty, a recently retired Aurora Police officer who is ranging the length of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to the tip of South America on his KLR.

There are many such adventures to read along on the

world-wide-web, but SGTMarty's is just a little bit

different. There is something about his writing style and the personality that he brings to the table that captivates his audience. I like many find myself longing for the road, inspired by his antics and literary technique.

Horizon's Unlimited is hosting this years southwest gathering in Silverton, CO, and many doubted this fanatic would make his
goal of attending the meeting...

well, he made it.

SGTMarty has run out of fuel in the middle of the Yukon,
later to be saved by a pack of Harley Davidson rufians, has taken a fridged dunk in the waters of Prudhoe Bay,
braved soft gravel Alaskan roads on an overladen moto,
rode hundreds of miles on dangerously worn sprockets,
and dodged head on collisions with moose and buffalo.

And he's still only in North America!

I find myself dreaming of the day when I leave for Mexico on my own scoot, ready for the open road and whatever life presents me with.

If you too long for adventure...Check out his report here.

All photos are SGTMarty's own from his coverage of this on going adventure of a lifetime.