Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Suspension Install_Prep Work

From Suspension_Prep

Today is the day the rebuilt forks and Moab Shock arrive from Cogent Dynamics via FedEX.
I took apart the entire swing arm assemble for its very first maintenance (awwww) since I am tearing into that section of the bike anyway. I anticipated heavy rust and corrosion on the various moving parts but was pleasantly surprised to find none. After push the bushings out I also pleasantly discovered they were still sealed and covered with greased.

I picked up a large 3/8 Breaker Bar from Autozone for the dirty leverage work to be done -It did the job rather nicely. After some sleep I will clean the swing arm and wipe down the bike in general. Should be fun...

We also have a set of Perrilli MT-21 tyres to install. The rubber currently mounted are a Dunlop D606 on the front and a Perrilla MT-21 on the rear. I like the Brazilian tyre a lot so decided to go for both. I'll post here on how the combo does.

New DS Helmet on the Block...The AFX FZ-37

Saw this on

From Enduro Adventures

DOT and ECE approved.

It has 9 vent holes, supposedly optically corrected -though one customer feedback mentioned distortion on the lower section of the visor- comes in white, silver and flat black, and weighs somewhere in at 3.64 lbs. $118 USD...

I said, "woah" as well. has an informative review on this affordable newcomer.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Protection_Neck Roll and Knee Braces

From evs neck brace

After a few high speed crashes on the dirt I decided to invest in a few more pieces protective equipment. This is the EVS RC-3 Neck Roll. In the event of a crash involving a head deflection, it will hopefully help distribute energy into my body armor and overall upper body ...sparing my neck in the process.

There are quite a few debates on the topic of Neck Rolls vs. Neck Braces. The general consensus is that a Neck Brace -such as a Leatt or EVO- will protect a crashing rider from both hyperflexion and hyperextension of the neck more effectively than even the most advanced donut. I went with the EVS neck roll because of cost and convenience of wear...

Which would you buy?


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Lisboa Portugal_ Motorbikes

From Lisboa_Motorbikes