Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dual Tool Tubes with Al Guard

Gotta see Rick the Welder of OldSchool Welding and Intense Cylcles.
Top Secret and super cool ideas to come.

MODessey II_Painted and mounted

...and finally ready for my Westward Dragger. That's what I gonna call it- My Westward Dragger because I seem to keep my feet draggin' with trying to start my ride westward.

Sunrise maniana.

The black top-fairning will be Polycarbonate or Acrylic.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Departure: Tuesday

Okay. Okay.

So I leave tomorrow instead of today.

I guess one more day of postponing can be the cherry on top.

I have discovered two mechanical issues on the bike after yesterday's camping trip.
  1. A seal leak on the right fork leg.
  2. Minor oil leak from the gear box.

I have decided to address them once in Temecula. I just cannot postpone any further.

The journey will be covered on Velocitramp. I will be trackable via SPoT.

After I drop of the Camry for an oil change (which Sahrfroggy will pick-up, ofcourseall) I shall head north on the 89A toward Page AZ and into Utah. Zion will be the highlight of the day...maybe get as far as Death Vallley and camp there.

Wednesday head to the Sierras.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

All Packed Up

Climbing equipment, 45L spectra pack and mountaineering boots.
I'll lash the piolet and trecking polls on the outside before departure.

All fingers and capable toes will be crossed for Tioga Pass!

It is looking like Sunday instead of Saturday afternoon.
Last bit of projects:
  1. Windshield
  2. GPS wiring troubleshooting (the wire that was rubbed to death at the "CityLights" plug-in
  3. Rear turn signals
  4. Paint Fairing (yellow and black)

I'm not sure when the resources for the rest of the bodywork will present itself. Patience David, patience...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

KLR Seat Mod

1. Multi-layer foam, both closed and open cell, various densities.
2. Pelican 1200 Case for waterproof storage/
3. Optional pillion for 2-up riding

The Pelican case would mount by two straps.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Planning my 2010 TransAsia Moto Journey

Dave McMillian and Erika Tunik of have shared there multi-year journey on Horizons Unlimited (HUBB). The goal: To ride from Paris, France to Sydney, Australia through Asia on a Honda TransAlp 600 motorcycle.

Their experiences of Pakistan contradict every fear-based opinion I have gathered here at home. Though reasonable suspicions they may be, they are founded on the current events and happenings on a whole other side of that country...which I will ultimately have to cross to gain entry into Iran.
Their Blog on the HUBB is highly recommended.

After this more recent bout of blog surfing, I have decided to all but cancel any aspirations to travel through China; it likely will be too expensive and far too limited. The new route in mind will take me through Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and onto the Karakoram Highway of northeast Pakistan.

I sit here hudled in a Coleman folding chair on what feels to be a frigid early winter afternoon in Flastaff AZ within Sahrfroggy's apartment balcony, writing and planning my journey across the Asian Continent to visit her in Europe. The typical northern skies of the southwest are strafed by fast moving clouds, providing the backdrop for the wind embraced needles of the swaying foreground view strewn with modern rooftops and car covered parking spaces.
As I skim the photos of the villages and cultures of the far reaches of the world, gifted by the world travellers who have come before me, this arena I currently find myself in feels more and more foreign as I imagine and dream a little bit further each and every day.

I am left wondering what could possibly await.