Monday, January 10, 2011

Overland Adventures has been Merged with Velocitramp

I have decided to merge the two blogs as a matter of inspiration...
On the top left side of my Adventure Journal will be a Post Filter: Click on Overland Adventures for all related entries.
This page will still be used as a reference area for links and information and perhaps some other unseen evolution.
Take care and keep the Spirit of Adventure alive, my friends!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HDT's Diesel KLR...release for 2010?? Hmmmm

Fall 2010...okay

Many have already become aware of the previous incarnations of the much anticipated diesel motorbike on a KLR650 platform, developed for the US Marine Corp and supposedly other NATO forces, by HDT. A consumer production version has -and is still- long awaited.

This is the military version of what looks to be built on the modern KLR chassis

And the price Well, I guess one would look at it not as a $17,000 KLR, but as a very capable and reliable diesel adventure bike for 17Gs.

...what's up with this one??

Article, Canadian Motorcycle Rider
Hayes Diversified Technologies

New 2010 Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere

Canadian Moto News
First Ride Review by Motorcycle USA
Yamaha Motorcycles, Europe

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Somewhat back from a somewhat of an hiatus.

Living off the Grid can be challenging when it comes to working on one's vehicles.
Even with a 25kW Geni' and most of the necessary tools practically available, once again I must work in the elements. Winter has arrived.

Primary objective: Get Strawberri up and running just as a sound vehicle.

  1. Replace Fuel Pump Filter- Apparently from 1988-1990 the fuel pump can be accessed by removing the entire fuel tank, unlike previous and later years where it can be reached from inside the truck...snarf.
  2. Flush Coolant system and install new thermostat- The PO had the truck year round in the Nevada desert and took out the thermostat a year into owning it out of 1 1/2 yrs total. Got all the stuffs needed..nows all is left is the nerve.
  3. Install Heavy duty oil cooler- Actually I guess this can likely wait...yeah, it'll wait.
  4. Change oil and general tune up- Might have this done since I dont have a timing gun and all that.


Objective: Gear the moto for more of a road orientation

  1. Mount -80/20 tires...I've got my eyes on the Conti' TK70s or the Avon Distanzias
  2. Install 16t sprocket up front- Stock is 15t and I am currently rockin' a 14t
  3. Hard Cases from Happy-Trails. Very likely their 48l boxes. These will be the boxes that will eventually mount to the rack system for the rear bicycle carrier.

Just finished a fantastic coast road on Hwy 1 up by Fort Bragg to Mendocino a few days ago. Rode two-up with a friend over two days. Redwoods, breathtaking coastal cliff views, Bed and Breakfast with a fireplace and a whole lot of tree climbing!

I need a garage.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Official CrossOver: Enduro Adventures will now include Project Strawberri- A Growing Obsession with Creating a long term Overland Vehicle

A glorious day it is today.
For it stands out above the many that have come to pass.

From Hobo Camping

Today EnduroAdventures will integrate my ever developing obsession with creating an Overlanding Vehicle out of Strawberri, my '88 FJ62.

Rideglobally's Nullacruiser, Forums

Wikipedia defines Overlanding as,

"...the self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal. Typically, but not exclusively, accommodated by mechanized off-road capable transport (from bicycles to trucks) where the principal form of lodging is camping; often lasting for extended lengths of time (months to years) and spanning international boundaries."

According to this quite satisfying description, EnduroAdventures has always been about overlanding, but by moto. Today it shall include the Epic of transforming Strawberri into a capable all-terrain explorer and home for the next 4 years, until I leave for Eastern Siberia in 2013.

The Need:
Long term living out of a vehicle in the form of camping in national forests/wilderness areas and generally traveling from place to place, has its complications. In particular, Strawberri (FJ-62) must become a fully functional "home base." On top of this, I must be able to function as close to a normal citizen as can be, in the local town, ie integrating with the local villagers (just cuz I'm living out of the truck doesn't mean I'm homeless or on vacation...).
This has proven difficult in regards to efficiency as currently the majority of the equipment I am using (to date of this post) is improvised.

From Hobo Camping

What I am talking about is this:

From Hobo Camping
Basic Tarp for Canopy-
has to be tied and untied for set-up, rolled up appropriately to the roof rack with specific folding, and hast to be repaired frequently as it is torn often at the grommets.
-All very time consuming.

Ice Chest-
Needs ice every 3 days!
Water from melted ice contaminates food regularly and has to be drained daily.
Perishables such as milk, eggs and meats have shorter windows of use due to challenge of temperature control. All this equates to frequent trips into local towns and limited time frame in remote areas.

Cargo and Sleeping Area-
Boxes on top are great! Boxes inside are cool, too! But when sleeping inside is needed, each night all cargo inside must be rearranged to the front seats to make room for my bed roll.
A ground tent would be an option, however of all the shelters in my arsenal, none are for all-season comfortable living...they are either ultra, ultra light, or for sleeping on ledges on very high mountains.

From End of June_Friday CGDSR Course work

Kitchen and Food Prep-
Problematic. Sometimes after a long day, the amount of time to set-up the improvised "kitchen" is the last thing I want to do. Having all the necessary equipment in the cargo area in a ready-to-use arrangement, would be most idea.

Hygiene and Water Consumption-
Washing hands at camp, keeping the body clean (bathing) and "relieving the body's system."
Cold water for showers gets old on consistently cold mornings. There is a real need to remain clean to maintain a professional capacity. Water is central and for that matter needs to be managed with great diligence.
I currently have the capacity to carry 18 gallons of water on board. To make this last -in a non desert environment- requires effort. Water is used quickly for cooking, drinking (as an athlete, I consume a lot), washing dishes and basic hygiene.

From Hobo Camping

Hauling all the tools of the trade-
The Bicycles.
The Moto.
Climbing and Guiding Equipment.
Not too hard one would think. However, to haul the motorcycle through minor 4x4 terrain requires a special high clearance rig...which I do not have. This limits the range of options for exploration and camping. All of this equipment, as well as everything else listed above, equals into a whole lot of weight, and the FJ-62's rear suspension is very much maxed out.
Storage Space is a real factor here and the current digging around for stuff slows things down to a depressing level.

And so, I have decided to commit to developing a very capable Overland Vehicle out of Strawberri with an emphasis on living conditions. From here on out, this Journal will include that specific endeavor.

I suspect this will be a very, very fun and interesting journey.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

CGDSR & the Gamin Quest motorcycle GPS...loves to stop working when you need it the most

Course work was coming along as expected until my GPS -Garmin Quest- decided to quit on me at the beginning of Saturday's ride.

From CGDSR_June26-27 Cousrse work

This would be the third warranty replacement.
This particular unit replaced one that could not pick up any satellites under any conditions and this particular unit now suffers the same fate.

The first one warrantied failed to power-up after 4 months of use.

I still rode the route by map and memory but little productivity was had as I very much needed the new tracks for route development.
We are two weeks out from the CGDSR RSVP deadline and I now have no GPS.

There is a plan "B" that would remove the navigation/ treasure hunt element out of it and transform the event into just a Dual Sport ride.

Ah well, here's a photo dump:

From CGDSR_June26-27 Cousrse work

From CGDSR_June26-27 Cousrse work

From CGDSR_June26-27 Cousrse work

From CGDSR_June26-27 Cousrse work

From CGDSR_June26-27 Cousrse work

From CGDSR_June26-27 Cousrse work

From CGDSR_June26-27 Cousrse work

From CGDSR_June26-27 Cousrse work

From CGDSR_June26-27 Cousrse work

From CGDSR_June26-27 Cousrse work

From CGDSR_June26-27 Cousrse work

From CGDSR_June26-27 Cousrse work