Friday, August 29, 2008

Test Ride #3_Coconino Rally

We went out fairly late yesterday, KLR and I.
T'was good.

Rode "The Triangle" and covered it in 51 minutes or so.
Next on the list of objectives was to time "FS700 to The Park" but actually ran out of daylight at the last moment. I suspect that it will take about 45 minutes moving along quite comfortably (not even close to riding short of like a madman.)

We changed course as the sun set and ultimately reached Lake Mary road in the darkness.
It is down right spooky cruizing the back roads at dusk knowing that the Elk are get close to their mating season. The are all over the place!

The late start was due to mounting some ProTaper Contour handlebars and grips to the ol' girl.
Also got sidetracked mapping out the wiring plans for the new fuse boxes I received that day.
Check it!

Above left: 6-Slot and 4-Slot fuse panels from Centech. Each slot rated to 30amps.
Above Right: The Fuse panel that will be replaced. It worked out just fine with no problems. I just have other plans for the spot it currently occupies. Below Left: The planned location for the new Fuse Boxes.

Above Right: The replacement bars for my sorry-bent-steel-stock bars...but hey, they got the job done no problem. Below: Better view of the ProTaper ATV Contour handlebars. They are the CR High model, mounted on RoxRisers from

There is something you should know if you are interested in this bar or any O/S bar as a replacement:
  1. This model is not as high as stock
  2. The CR High model is not as wide as stock
  3. If you use a Brush Guard, take note that the clamping-mount will require a larger diameter fitting to work with an O/S bar. I use the Acerbis RallyPro guards and now need to order the appropriate clamp size.

Because the bar is not as wide, I will have to seek out adaptors for my HID bar lamps. There are a few cool products in the bicycle industry that may work out nicely. Let me add however, that I do like this width a lot better...I am a small guy at 130lbs after all.

I low-sided yesterday while trying to drift a sandy turn--landed right on my chest, too. I am so glad about that EVS body armour. Didn't even get the wind knocked out of me. I am aware of the state of my fortune yet again (Mustn't forget that balance between confidence and cockiness, less my fortune run out.) Anyway, it was luck the clutch lever didn't snap on impact. Gotta get those guards back on!

Well, out for another test ride. It is all shaping up desirably now and on-schedule. Objectives for today are to get the coordinates for GC21 @ The Park, recon a Bonus GC at Walnut Canyon, recon the new main route through Cinder Hills OHV. Oh, and get the coordintes for two other bonus GC locations. Big day, gotta go!

As my very good friend Dave See would say:

Ride One Long

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Geocache Test Ride Part 2

10 hours for 170 miles of dirt...

That's forest road, 2 track and even a little bit of single.

Rock gardens galore and loose sand (or rathercinder) at the Cinder Hills.

Shortened significantly from Test Ride #1.

It's still too long and the navigation may be too difficult for a Rally.

T'was fun, though. T'was fun.
It kinda got scary too: The Elk are mating and are just all over the place right now, madness!

Tomorrow I will be doing Test Ride #3. The objective is to get it under 6 hours which will require cutting out the East Pocket section all togother.

Next year, the format will include the Rally spent over two days instead of one.

After tomorrows test ride I will begin to place all the Geocaches. in some new goodies...