Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2008 Sierra Project

From March to May in 2009 the KLR, myself, and a simple rack of alpine climbing hardware are off on an adventure that will take us into the depths of the Sierras in California.

The objective is to spend the entire winter climbing all of the California 14ers as well as a few other peaks and ridge traverses.

The KLR's job is to deliver me as far within the mountains as possible while still allowing an escape back into town. The plan then is to crosscountry ski pulling a sled of equipment to a proper point for a base camp. From there I will attempt the climbs, mostly solo as I have my well tested Soloist device (RockWren). A few of the climbs I will join up with some friend's who intend on a rendezvous.

The KLR, now in San Diego, will be gaining a few more upgrades and mods to better meet the project demands:

  1. Jesse Odyssey II Panniers
  2. Happytrail.com 58L top box
  3. Brakes: Stnl Stl lines, front and rear
  4. Centerstand
  5. T-Bob, radiator bypass
  6. RoxFX Vibration Damping Risers
  7. Heavier Duty Pelican case for laptop
  8. Windshield installed over fairing prototype

Here is an equipment wishlist as well:

  1. Heating: Gloves, Battery kit for vest (already owned), and Control Module
  2. Hanging kit for Jetboil (I already have a hanging stove, but the Jetboil is so much better).
  3. Shoei Hornet DS Helmet and PacSafe helmet bag
  4. Large storage voice recorder with easy/safe operation while riding

Best of MWD and my Early Return to Flagstaff

On Friday, the 5th of December, Saharjoon called me from Flagstaff and asked my early return. The next day at 5am I was getting up for a taxi ride to the San Diego airport. I was happy to return; Though I would not get to continue the trip as planned, I was more than willing to the rush back home.

With the KLR stored in a close friends garage back in SD, I am now gearing to get my Love successfully moved and off to Norway. A few days before Christmas I will make another flight, this time back to southern California where I will prep for my Sierra Project.

Check out the Trip Journal here.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dual Tool Tubes with Al Guard

Gotta see Rick the Welder of OldSchool Welding and Intense Cylcles.
Top Secret and super cool ideas to come.

MODessey II_Painted and mounted

...and finally ready for my Westward Dragger. That's what I gonna call it- My Westward Dragger because I seem to keep my feet draggin' with trying to start my ride westward.

Sunrise maniana.

The black top-fairning will be Polycarbonate or Acrylic.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Departure: Tuesday

Okay. Okay.

So I leave tomorrow instead of today.

I guess one more day of postponing can be the cherry on top.

I have discovered two mechanical issues on the bike after yesterday's camping trip.
  1. A seal leak on the right fork leg.
  2. Minor oil leak from the gear box.

I have decided to address them once in Temecula. I just cannot postpone any further.

The journey will be covered on Velocitramp. I will be trackable via SPoT.

After I drop of the Camry for an oil change (which Sahrfroggy will pick-up, ofcourseall) I shall head north on the 89A toward Page AZ and into Utah. Zion will be the highlight of the day...maybe get as far as Death Vallley and camp there.

Wednesday head to the Sierras.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

All Packed Up

Climbing equipment, 45L spectra pack and mountaineering boots.
I'll lash the piolet and trecking polls on the outside before departure.

All fingers and capable toes will be crossed for Tioga Pass!

It is looking like Sunday instead of Saturday afternoon.
Last bit of projects:
  1. Windshield
  2. GPS wiring troubleshooting (the wire that was rubbed to death at the "CityLights" plug-in
  3. Rear turn signals
  4. Paint Fairing (yellow and black)

I'm not sure when the resources for the rest of the bodywork will present itself. Patience David, patience...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

KLR Seat Mod

1. Multi-layer foam, both closed and open cell, various densities.
2. Pelican 1200 Case for waterproof storage/
3. Optional pillion for 2-up riding

The Pelican case would mount by two straps.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Planning my 2010 TransAsia Moto Journey

Dave McMillian and Erika Tunik of Mototrekker.com have shared there multi-year journey on Horizons Unlimited (HUBB). The goal: To ride from Paris, France to Sydney, Australia through Asia on a Honda TransAlp 600 motorcycle.

Their experiences of Pakistan contradict every fear-based opinion I have gathered here at home. Though reasonable suspicions they may be, they are founded on the current events and happenings on a whole other side of that country...which I will ultimately have to cross to gain entry into Iran.
Their Blog on the HUBB is highly recommended.

After this more recent bout of blog surfing, I have decided to all but cancel any aspirations to travel through China; it likely will be too expensive and far too limited. The new route in mind will take me through Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and onto the Karakoram Highway of northeast Pakistan.

I sit here hudled in a Coleman folding chair on what feels to be a frigid early winter afternoon in Flastaff AZ within Sahrfroggy's apartment balcony, writing and planning my journey across the Asian Continent to visit her in Europe. The typical northern skies of the southwest are strafed by fast moving clouds, providing the backdrop for the wind embraced needles of the swaying ponderosas...my foreground view strewn with modern rooftops and car covered parking spaces.
As I skim the photos of the villages and cultures of the far reaches of the world, gifted by the world travellers who have come before me, this arena I currently find myself in feels more and more foreign as I imagine and dream a little bit further each and every day.

I am left wondering what could possibly await.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Road Beckons

Last night after a whole lot of reading and web surfing, a route began to reveal itself.
Magadan into Mongolia.
Mongolia into China.
China into India
India into Pakistan.
Pakistan into Iran.
Iran into Turkey.
...then into Europe.
The road beckons.

From Maine to Magadan

The World Adventure Tour of Mark Chorzempa.

First heard of this gent on a thread on KLRWorld.com forums, advertising the book he was writing that covered the extremely eventful journey.

Mark claims it was entirely possible to do the trip on two wheels in 5 months or so fully self-supported. No trains, no trucks...well minus piggy-back on top of a Soviet era amphibious assault vehicle.

The writing is good but short as Mark intends to leave us some desire to read his book. I hope to buy one.

The idea of this route has got me thinking. It first came earshot (though in the reverse direction) by Ewin McGregor and Charlie Boorman's riding across the world in the film production Long Way Round.
These guys covered the distance in 4 months with the help of a support crew. Traveling from London to New York via Mongolia and Russian Siberia, their route was nearly the opposite of Mark's Maine to England version.


Approximately one month longer...

Very, very interesting.

I wonder what summer 2010 has for me?

Maybe I could ride to Norway to see my Sahrfroggy.

Get there say in the fall.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photo Dump

Long Way Round_ Mongolia

Rte 66_Arizona

Fisherman's Warf_Seattle, WA

Errant-Ronin begins the Southern Leg of his Adventure

Looks like he and his mutually overloaded KLR-riding partner enter into Mexico on October 9th.
Martin is an incredible writer and I like many others will keep up with his posts.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

MODessey II, Concept

From Trip_Chaco_2008 March

Your looking at the idea of the fairing system I am going to create for the KLR.

It will be made from Fiberglass while kevlar and carbon fiber re enforced in areas.

Also, it will be modular by design...this is something I have been thinking about for a long time. I want something that would offer protection and style on extended tours, yet be worthy of off road needs. My solution is that the side fairings be removable for playing in the dirt. The rear cargo rack will be removable as well and will take the turn signals with them.

Hot diggidy dam!

From Doohickey

From MOdessey II

From MOdessey II

It is like Sacred Geometry...I will try that out I think

From MOdessey II

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bent Rims

It's inevitable. Bound to happen when you ride day after day of big rocks and at moderate speed.

  1. Removed the tire.
  2. A cresent wrench was used systematically moving from the outside-in to try and straighten it out. Take care to preserve the bead.
  3. File all burrs and deformed material.

I installed the Perrilli MT-21s to the rear, replacing a Maxxis 6006. It has probably been a little over 1,200 hard dirt miles since this change over to when I stopped riding on Sep 2nd.

...The tires are showing lots of wear. I suspect they will need to be replaced in January.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sewing Projects

There are so many ideas swimming around in this mind, and many of them are sewing projects.
Everything from utilizing multiple thin tool rolls to modular sleeves for my panniers and luggage.
One idea is to find a way is to effectively use and confidently mount two small tool-tubes instead one behemoth. The benefit is clearance for the wheel and less exposure to the terrain.
In order for this to happen, tools and items must be carefully distributed.

I have been working on the tool-roll component and this is what I have come up with so far:

The last pic in the slideshow above will be for the second tube: It will just hold the large wrenches and long tire iron. Intended for longer expeditions, I could leave part of this home on day rides.

The next bit of pics are of what I am calling The KLR Rambo-could-do-it Sleeve.
It is flat and stiff and is intended to stay in the tank panniers all the time. Basically it's a tool sleeve whose contents will allow me to improvise as much as possible, all managed in a way that keeps bulk to a minimum, thoughtfully weight distributed and easily inventoried.
Heres what you got:
1. Duct Tape
2. Two different guages of bailing wire.
3. JB Qwik Weld
4. Super Glue
5. 550 cord
6. Gerber light trail saw
7. EMT shears (sometimes a blade will not do the trick
8. sandpaper, sewing stuff and maybe some rambo fishing hooks, safety pins.
9. Zip ties, small and gianormous

Click the photo box above to view the slideshow.
From Modular sleeves

Recovering Like a Champion

The Heart of a Champion!
That's Champ not Chump, you.

For those that are into this sort of thing, this is so you can get an idea of how long the incision to get to the bones was. Imagine the tied-off ends of the suture-they were painfully cut this recent Tuesday at the follow-up.

After 6 days, I was cleared of the bandages and very little swelling was noticeable.
Dr. Rosales let me know that during surgery he discovered a fracture into the cartilage.

All in all, the bones are very tender but I am sooooo overjoyed to be alive and allowed/able to walk around. Laying on my back for 6-days was incredibly maddening. My body always wants to be doing something. It was a task of sorts. I can walk. 'Nuff said.

Got some tid-bits in the mail today.

A relocation clamp for my left mirror/busted clutch assembly brace.
I ordered it from Arrowhead Motorsports and it got here REAL fast, as usual. I can confirm however, that the rumors of The Studebaker product coming out of Fred's shop are true. Looks good to me though, not all things out of Taiwan are poor of quality. Here's a dialogue going on about the subject on KLRWorld.com

Dual Star's got a unit that is absolutely beautiful, made in the USA.

From Equipment

But they are phone order only and sort of have a reputation for taking slightly longer than the competition to deliver.

EagleMike makes one that the Studebaker is an obvious copy of. His seems to be a little bit harder to locate. Check out KLR650.net forums to find his distributors.

I also ordered ProTaper hardware for my Acerbis RallyPro Handguards. If I had those right off, I likely would not have busted everything on that Low-side last week. Ordered with a hasty standard delivery from Motorcycle-Superstore.

From GPSCity.com out of Las Vegas I received a power cradle for my Garmin Quest. I am fairly excited about this piece of equipment because it allows for the use of an earpiece so the rider can hear voice commands from the unit. Also, I'll be able to free up my 12volt Acc Outlet- which doesn't do too well with the vibrations that are unavoidable during off road pursuits.

Been working the sewing machine for the past few days. Got some stuff to show off.


Monday, September 8, 2008

And A Door Opens

I have decided to study Behavioral Psychology.

It came to me during a walk with wonderful Marmu.
I have never considered something in this way...because it did not have a purpose.
All reasons were connected to no servitude.

I don't aim to teach or even to practice...I just want to study it.
What comes of it is up to God for the purpose is not mine.

I will start with my own selection of texts...which would unavoidably lead to classes.

And my applied will be in the Effective Training of Marmu the Dog.

That's it. No other reason. It just dawned on me what lies ahead in these coming chapters.

From Velocitramp

Just Silly

It's past my bed time.
Good night