Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Somewhat back from a somewhat of an hiatus.

Living off the Grid can be challenging when it comes to working on one's vehicles.
Even with a 25kW Geni' and most of the necessary tools practically available, once again I must work in the elements. Winter has arrived.

Primary objective: Get Strawberri up and running just as a sound vehicle.

  1. Replace Fuel Pump Filter- Apparently from 1988-1990 the fuel pump can be accessed by removing the entire fuel tank, unlike previous and later years where it can be reached from inside the truck...snarf.
  2. Flush Coolant system and install new thermostat- The PO had the truck year round in the Nevada desert and took out the thermostat a year into owning it out of 1 1/2 yrs total. Got all the stuffs needed..nows all is left is the nerve.
  3. Install Heavy duty oil cooler- Actually I guess this can likely wait...yeah, it'll wait.
  4. Change oil and general tune up- Might have this done since I dont have a timing gun and all that.


Objective: Gear the moto for more of a road orientation

  1. Mount -80/20 tires...I've got my eyes on the Conti' TK70s or the Avon Distanzias
  2. Install 16t sprocket up front- Stock is 15t and I am currently rockin' a 14t
  3. Hard Cases from Happy-Trails. Very likely their 48l boxes. These will be the boxes that will eventually mount to the rack system for the rear bicycle carrier.

Just finished a fantastic coast road on Hwy 1 up by Fort Bragg to Mendocino a few days ago. Rode two-up with a friend over two days. Redwoods, breathtaking coastal cliff views, Bed and Breakfast with a fireplace and a whole lot of tree climbing!

I need a garage.