Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Attempt at Bike of the Month KLRWorld.com

In the original post, this was the picture used as only one photo is allowed for the contest-

Velocitramp's KLR650 Adventure

2007 KLR 650, California model with a little over 9,000 miles on the counter.

Purchased at 99miles for $3,000 buckaroos in July 2007

I use her to explore the innumerable trails here in Flagstaff and Sedona, AZ and get to my mountainbike races.

I would like to ride to the Dakar next year in South America and make a short film about it.

The Story: Here is how she came into my life:

One day in the month of June 2007, I mentioned to my wife how cool it would be to have a dual-sport motorcycle and build a custom rack to carry my mountainbike on.

No way she says! "Ain't gonna happen. The only one getting any kind of motorcycle in this family is me! Besides, you've never shown any interest in motorcycles before! We don't have the money anyways. Sorry babe!"

So July comes around and I've forgotten all about my bright idea. A good friend and I decide to go up the local mountain for an overnighter on the summit.

As we drive, Good Friend mentions that when we get back we should go up to the local OHV park to play on 'the bikes'. He owns two dirt bikes which I had never ridden and went on to answer that I'd think about it.

Admittedly I was a bit intimidated. Little did I know, Good Friend was up to something.

We get back from a successful trip and I walk into the garage to drop off my dusty gear...
Garage lights click on.

"Sahr, who's bike is that? Is that Brian's?...What's it doing here?"

The Wife-Unit stands in the door way with a stupid p--p eating grin on her face
and I am very confused.

"Did Brian drop his bike off? "Sahr: "No..."
"Who's bike is it?""GEEZ! It's your bike stupid!!"

Good Friend walks in with his helmet in hand..."still got some energy?"
I had no idea what a KLR was, but thankfully Good Friend did and steered the wife in the destined direction.

And the rest is history.

The Mods : I went on to build a bicycle-carrier for the KLR (which is in the patenting process) as well as the following modifications (100% DIY):

1. Fairing face-lift and new front sub-frame, AKA The Fairing MODyssey (as seen in my Avatar and elsewhere in KLRWorld.com)
2. Cockpit modified to fully navigate offload using the following:
  • VaporTech Digital speedo with custom signals and mount
  • Enduro Roll-Chart holder
  • Garmin GPS 12, soon to be replaced by Garmin Quest
  • and Brunton Vehicle Rallye Compass
3. Voltmeter, switched on with ignition

4. 12V outlet, fused and direct to battery

5. Switched LED lighting for compass and Roll Chart Holder

6. Lighting:
  • Master rocker switches for both lamps
  • Top main lamp: 2" 35W Halogen, yellow tint, for daytime traffic and slow technical night riding
  • Bottom main lamp: 4" H3 35W HID 8000k, one of those awesome e-bay deals! Well worth it
  • Auxiliary lamps mounted on handlebars: 2x 35W NiteRider HID motorcycle racing lamps, perfect for tight! switch backs
  • Intergrated polycarbonate light guard, component of fairing

7. Fully painted to 'School Bus Yellow'

8. Lic plate relocation

9. Master Cylinder Guard, Dual Star

10. Subframe hardware upgrade, Dual Star

11. Front Footpeg bolts upgraded to 12.9, Ace-Hrdwr

12. Acerbis Rallye Pro Hand guards with Spoilers, DualStar

13. Heavy duty shift lever, DualStar

14. Al Skid plate, Dual Star

15. SW-Motech Crashbars

16. Custom shaped stock front fender

17. Whale-tail-ectomy

18. Stock seat converted to single-seater with multiple foam layers of various densities, using paneling construction and fully formed (It's comfy!)

19. Tires:

front: Kenda

rear: Maxxis


20. De-Californication Mod

21. Bypassed the Side-stand Safety Switch

22. Fully custom wire harness thru-out using 12AWG wire for main lamps and master Ground --Utilized Molex type connectors wherever possible

23. Custom 6-slot fuse box for lamps and
other electronics, mounted to where the Californicated canister used to be

24. Stock Fuses converted to Circuit breakers

The Accessories:
1. SPOT Personal Satellite Tracker, clutch end of handlebar

2. RAM mounted Cell phone case with blue-tooth, mounted to handlebar

3. RAM mounted Camera, brake end of handlebar

4. Heavy tools, ABS pipe mounted at skidplate front, DIY

5. Lexan muffler heat-shield, DIY

6. Field-Jack-Stand made from adjustable walking cane, DIY by Hondo

7. 1.5 Gal total auxiliary fuel canisters, Nalgene HDPE flat canteens with custom aluminum carrier, DIY

8. Survival kit (stays on the bike at all times):

  • spare tubes
  • pump, Slime Brand
  • Bailing wire
  • tire irons, Motion-Pro
  • JB Weld
  • Super Glue
  • Mini Esbit stove with very small Ti cup
  • Iodide Tablets
  • Space blanket
  • Minimal tools to get the bike back home plus one Vise-Grip
  • Strobe, Princeton Tec
9. Front and Rear Panniers, Wolfman Expedition Series
10. Tank Bag, Rapid Transit 'The Stack', which I don't recommend

The Coming Soon, Very:

1. Garmin Quest GPS
2. Roxy Risers, non-vibrating3. IMS footpegs
3. Wolfman tankbag
4. Adjustable Acrylic windshield, DIY
5. oh yeah, Eagle Mike's Doo!

And that is it! Thank you KLRWorld.com!

Credit: This entire post is a modified version of what I originally posted on KLRWorld.com/forums in contest for the 2008 March Bike-of-the-Month. So...it might be somewhat of a property of the website...possible. If Hondo or The Patman object, just PM me ya'll and I shall delete with apologies gallore!