Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Road Beckons

Last night after a whole lot of reading and web surfing, a route began to reveal itself.
Magadan into Mongolia.
Mongolia into China.
China into India
India into Pakistan.
Pakistan into Iran.
Iran into Turkey.
...then into Europe.
The road beckons.

From Maine to Magadan

The World Adventure Tour of Mark Chorzempa.

First heard of this gent on a thread on forums, advertising the book he was writing that covered the extremely eventful journey.

Mark claims it was entirely possible to do the trip on two wheels in 5 months or so fully self-supported. No trains, no trucks...well minus piggy-back on top of a Soviet era amphibious assault vehicle.

The writing is good but short as Mark intends to leave us some desire to read his book. I hope to buy one.

The idea of this route has got me thinking. It first came earshot (though in the reverse direction) by Ewin McGregor and Charlie Boorman's riding across the world in the film production Long Way Round.
These guys covered the distance in 4 months with the help of a support crew. Traveling from London to New York via Mongolia and Russian Siberia, their route was nearly the opposite of Mark's Maine to England version.


Approximately one month longer...

Very, very interesting.

I wonder what summer 2010 has for me?

Maybe I could ride to Norway to see my Sahrfroggy.

Get there say in the fall.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photo Dump

Long Way Round_ Mongolia

Rte 66_Arizona

Fisherman's Warf_Seattle, WA

Errant-Ronin begins the Southern Leg of his Adventure

Looks like he and his mutually overloaded KLR-riding partner enter into Mexico on October 9th.
Martin is an incredible writer and I like many others will keep up with his posts.